•Portfolios were initially used in medical education for formative purposes in order to encourage reflection. (21). More recently, the use of portfolios has been advocated for summative purposes
•Portfolios are advantageous in that they are able to test areas difficult to assess such as professionalism, continuous professional development, attitudes and critical thinking.
•These instructions are to supplement the advice given by your module coordinator. To recap, in order to successfully pass this module, you are required to have satisfactory participation in the on-line or face to face discussions, to have submitted an initial learning plan, and to have satisfactorily completed a portfolio of work evidencing the learning plan.
•The assessment is for 4 credit points which equates to 130 hours of study over the module.
•Please ensure that you have given an accurate breakdown of hours spent on each learning objective. YOU MUST SUBMIT Completed DOCUMENTS 2, 3, 4 and 5 and attach supporting evidence for consideration by the Module Facilitator. It is important to remember that the quality of work submitted as evidence of your learning is expected to satisfy university regulations.
•Submit your Initial Development Plan –-- On the third day of the start of this Module